Vission & Mission

Our vision is not merely for qualifications on paper, although all our modules and courses provide credible certification.

EMDI strives to be the cornerstone of excellence in global event and media education.


Fast-Track Industry-Led Education

EMDI is the UAE’s leading provider of industry-led education. Over the last two decades we’ve developed a unique approach to learning, incorporating the classroom with the real business world. Our courses help students become industry professionals, providing education for undergraduates, prospective entrepreneurs, and career jumpers.

We’re the pioneering provider of Event Management qualifications in the UAE, while also offer industry-led courses in Sports Management, Mass Communications & Marketing and Wedding Management. Study visas are available for many prospective students while certified skill upgrade courses allow more people to learn. Based in the fastest-developing region in the world, EMDI is equipping the next generation of industry leaders, with our curriculum being assured by PEARSON UK.

The Next Generation of Industry Leaders

Education and career development work hand in hand, especially in a region where industry grows at such a rapid rate. At EMDI the classroom is also a workshop, led and informed by industry’s leading names. Courses involve work placements and internships, providing essential on-the-job skills as well as helping students develop a career-changing network of contacts.

EMDI’s portfolio of qualifications is based upon the fastest-growing industries in the Middle East region. It has given great learning and exposure to EMDI’s 18 years of Event Management alumni. Our other qualifications are also built upon the teaching of industry professionals, putting students at the forefront of change.

We are an institute shaped by the industry, for the industry. Our program management team ensures students access the best possible internships and vocational experience, helping to secure future employment and career development. And we’re delighted when our alumni take their knowledge and experience into a wider sphere.

We are dedicated to fostering creativity, and leadership, and shaping industry pioneers through innovative and impactful learning experiences.


Join the Future Now!

Join the Future Now!

Our vision is not merely for qualifications on paper, although all our modules and courses provide credible certification. Instead, our success and vision is based upon what happens to students next. It’s found in the career leaps made by professionals, celebrated by the new faces that start shaping events, sports marketing, weddings, media and showcased by the long-term impact of 5000+ alumni in the region.

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