Classroom Learning

Classroom learning in an Events Management course is a foundational aspect that provides students with theoretical knowledge, practical skills, and a comprehensive understanding of the events industry.


Courses and lectures led by industry professionals


Empowering students and responding to industry change


Creating the next generation of professionals


Developing first-hand experience and know-how


Student support, in and out of the classroom

Industry Professionals as Faculties

In the classroom you’re supported by those that have made it. The industry-shapers, the career-go-getters, the pioneers that business revolves around. These are the people who were in your shoes at one time, the people who took a leap of faith and went for it. And they’re still going for it, shaping their industries with new ideas. Education can be found in books and there’s much to learn from all the literature, as you’ll quickly find out. However, we believe the greatest learning comes from industry professionals, those that already live and breathe the subject.

Rather than cliched academics, EMDI is passionate about teaching through industry professionals. They will show you how it really is, not just how it reads in a textbook. They will provide real case studies to supplement your knowledge, as well as helping nurture all your own ideas. While EMDI provides academic qualifications our focus is always on industry and we’re continually sourcing the next movers and shakers to guest speak in the classroom.

Support outside the classroom

We know that a successful graduate isn’t just made in the classroom or on an internship. The building blocks for good education start with a settled life out of the classroom. 

Be Confident

Be Confident

That’s where we are here to support. We want you to be comfortable and confident, so that you can make the most of what takes place in the classroom.

After Class

After Class

Of course you need to be committed as well and that’s something you’ll need to take on your own shoulders. But for almost everything else we have a friendly face and a dedicated support network to help you through it.

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