Life in Dubai

In Dubai, students studying Event Management embrace a cosmopolitan lifestyle amidst futuristic architecture, diverse cultures, and a burgeoning events scene. An immersive experience awaits, blending education with the city’s vibrant pulse.

Make Dubai work for you

With its towering buildings and new-world atmosphere Dubai can seem a little daunting. Especially when you first arrive. Everything is fresh and nowhere takes a backward step. You’re plunged into a fast-paced city that doesn’t wait for everyone to keep up. But Dubai works for everyone. While it can be big and new at the start, this is a city where everyone finds their place. Dubai can work for you and it will, provided you come with an open mind. This is the ultimate city of opportunity, and opportunities are what EMDI is preparing students for.

Thriving on Opportunity and Ideas

Dubai’s icons are just the pinnacle of ambitious thinking. The Burj Khalifa, the Palm Jumeirah, the Burj Al Arab, Blue water island, Global Village,…these are the most dramatic impressions of Dubai. But at its roots, Dubai is a city made successful in the desert. That alone deserves celebrating. And it’s a city made by the people who have emigrated there. People make Dubai work for them by bringing their own ideas and finding their own opportunity.

Stay in Dubai

A cosmopolitan city where you can still be you

Dubai is the world’s truly international city where more than 200 nationalities live, study, work and play. Such a cosmopolitan landscape provides you with freedom to be yourself. There’s no conforming into boxes. Dubai is where you can be you and that’s just one of the reasons our students end up staying beyond their one-year course. EMDI is a stepping stone to get you started in the industry and most of our students are at the ease of settling into life in Dubai. After all, when you can live the dream you get to create the dream.

Live The Dream In Dubai

Extravagant architecture, energetic lifestyles, international cultures and a sense that anything is possible…what a city Dubai is! No other city in the world changes at such a pace, with something new to explore every day of the week. This is where you can live the dream and make a future for yourself, a city that continues to be shaped by the international people that have made Dubai their home.

Have a fast-growing and exciting career in


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