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What is Event Management?

Event Management and Experiential Marketing is the process of conceptualising designing, executing and producing events.

How do I get a career in the events Industry?

  • Most people start by running an event either in college or for the industry that they work in however as the industry has become more competitive and professional people are looking for that extra edge to make a career in the world of event and experiential marketing more fruitful. The course at EMDI combines practical skills and experiential learning from industry professionals the best place to be.


  • Dubai is the event capital of the world the industry has seen a huge boom during the pandemic and will continue to offer opportunities for professionals and from all nationalities and all genre of life to make it home and grow with the industry. This exciting industry which encompasses sectors right from exhibitions to celebrity management, sports charities festivals to fashion music events and many more.

Why should I enrol with EMDI?

The concept of professional training in Event Management was pioneered by EMDI in Dubai, UAE in 2004. Over the years EMDI has trained in excess of 30000+ professionals globally. EMDI is the melting pot for like-minded professionals from different walks of life with a common focus. Industry professionals from different areas interact with students while taking the sessions and sharing their experiences makes it a value proposition for all the students.

What is the background of students enrolling for the course with EMDI?

Over the years we have seen students from diverse backgrounds and geographies enrolling for the course. We have students from hospitality, cabin crew, media professional’s, technology background and at times even psychology and other professionals looking to upskill themselves and enhance their career graph.

How is the EMDI course different from so many other courses?

Many institutes and colleges offer a blend of courses which covers media, entertainment and other modules without a specific focus. The Event Management course at EMDI delivered by industry professionals is designed to train in the skills as per dynamic industry needs.

Is the Event management course at EMDI certified?

Yes, on successful completion, students will be awarded KHDA certification (Government of Dubai) and EDEXEL Diploma (world-class academic excellence) qualifications.

Would the course in Wedding & Events Planning be right for me?

If you love to organise social events from everything to perfection then this could be your perfect course. The goal of the EMDI Wedding Planner course is to provide you with the knowledge you’ll need to become a proficient wedding and event planner. This course is a product of our expertise in being associated with the events industry. It will give you an edge for any job application or even if you want to start your own business.

After completion of the Wedding Academy course, what are my career options?

A diploma in wedding planning will prepare you for a position at a wedding venue, wedding agency, or wedding planner company. Our alumni have done just that and gone on to develop successful careers. You can even start a business if that is your end goal.


Will there be assignments given during the course?

Yes, Our students tell us that the assignments within our courses are one of the most exciting aspects of the course. Your assignments give you a chance to consolidate what you are learning by putting you into the role of wedding & event planner, working on real-life planning briefs.

Why do people go for Sports Management?

With the focus on investments in Sports, Sports Management as a sector offers many skilling and upskilling opportunities to athletes, graduates and professionals from Finance, Technology, Management, Media and other backgrounds.

What kind of job can I get with a sports Management certificate?

Our students are employed by marque Sports Management Companies, Leagues, Media houses, set up their own Sports Academy and more.

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