Event Management

Become a professional and Certified Event Planner with our extensive course of event.

Shape the Future

No other industry compares to the events industry. Creatively boundless while fast-paced and ever-evolving; always new yet dependent on industry know-how and connections; absolutely global, but concerned with localised details and impact. This fun and action-packed industry provides enriching careers that can travel in many different directions.

Fast-Track Industry Lead Education

To get started, or to develop, you need both knowledge and experience: this is what our Event Management course is centred upon. Industry professionals lead lectures, imparting real-life knowledge and case studies. A program management team accesses leading internships, including at some of the hottest events in the region. And our Event Management alumni have become the movers and shakers in this compelling industry.

Event Management

in the event city, with the event specialists

Dubai is the world’s event city. This is the city where anything is possible, where there’s a blank canvas to start from and the most ambitious events become reality. Dubai is where the world turns for its event inspiration. Who manages these events? Dedicated Event Specialists with years of experience covering multiple facets of event management. EMDI is proud to have their Alumni in key positions whether entrepreneurs, working professionals or consultants who are helping shape the event industry. For almost 20 years EMDI has been the premier provider of event management training in Dubai. We see students come in as enthusiastic go-getters. Then we bring them back a decade later to share their stories and knowledge.

On our 10-months part-time professional course you learn the skills to be job ready. You also develop networks and experiences to secure a career. This is a course for those who want to do, not a course for those planning to sit around and watch the world pass them by. Because it’s only by doing that you’ll join the next generation of Event Management alumni.

Make your Entry into the Events Industry.

Become a Certified Event Planner, Advance Learning, Practical Exposure & Industry Entry.

Program Outline

3 Month Course with Practical Learning – 7 Comprehensive Modules

Event Fundamentals & Introduction

Module 1

  • EMDI Induction & Orientation
  • How to be a Globe Shaker with your
  • Dream Event
  • Over View on Event Management
  • What is Event Management
  • What are the Categories of Events & their Benefits
  • Fundamentals of Marketing
  • What is Advertising 7
  • Creating an ad Campaign
  • Branding and brand Management
  • The World of Above and below the Line Marketing
  • What is Media & Promoting your Event – Print, Television, Radio, Digital, Outdoor, Cinema

Event Project Management - Categories of Events

Module 2

  • Project Management
  • Quality Control Process Flow
  • Overview of Event Technical
  • Product Launches
  • Award Ceremonies- Hosting and Organizing
  • Show Direction and Show Calling
  • Concerts & International Shows
  • Artist Relations & Celebrity Management
  • On Ground Management/ Venue Construction
  • Hotel Based Events
  • Incentive Management
  • Shopping Malls Based Promotion and Events
  • Contest Management
  • Night Club & Party Promotions

Event Conceptualization, Sponsorship & Management

Module 3

  • Taking and Writing an Event Brief
  • Event Evolution, Creation & Development
  • Brainstorming for Event Ideation
  • Creative in Events
  • Designing and Printing of Collaterals & Publicity Material
  • Overview to Event Production
  • Planning and Logistics – How to Organise an Event
  • General Event Budgeting and Costing
  • Sponsorships in Events
  • Crafting of Sponsorship Proposal
  • Advertising & Media & Sponsorship Activation
  • Public Relations & PR with Context to Events
  • What is Event Marketing & Event Branding
  • Experiential Marketing

Event Project Management - Categories of Events

Module 4

  • Generic Events – Annual Properties
  • Conferences & Seminars
  • Exhibitions & Trade Fairs
  • Ideation/ Creation and Sales & Marketing of Exhibitions
  • Planning/Logistics and Production/ Execution of Exhibitions
  • Material Handling & Exhibition Stand Fabrication
  • Sports Management
  • Sports Marketing
  • Sports Management Planning & Operations
  • Festivals & Carnivals
  • Religious Events & Charity Events/ Social Marketing
  • Road Shows
  • Fashion Shows
  • Wedding Planning
  • Dramatics & Theater
  • Political Events/ Campaign
  • How do Governments Utilize Events as a Platform to Promote
  • Tourism
  • Theme Parks

Event Safety, Risk And Technical Management

Module 5

  • Safety & Security Teams in Events
  • Event Insurance & Risk Mitigation (Part 1)
  • Event Insurance & Risk Mitigation (Part 2)
  • Legal Contracts
  • Event Laws – Licenses & Permissions for Events
  • Trademark, Service Mark, Copyrights
  • Introduction to Lighting for Events
  • Detailing & Technicalities on Lighting Fixtures & Lasers
  • Introduction to Sound for Events
  • Detailing & Technicalities of Sound Set Up
  • Audio/ Visual Equipment
  • Specking for an Event in Terms of – Light, Sound & Audio Visual
  • Equipment
  • Special Effects
  • Set Designing
  • Workshop in a Light
  • Warehouse & Sound Warehouse

Advanced Event Strategies And Course Summary

Module 6

  • Direct Marketing Campaign
  • Loyalty Programmes
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Internet Marketing
  • Radio Based Events & Promotions
  • Webcasting of Events
  • Television & its Context with Events
  • Vendor Listings and Costings with Reference to Each Category
  • Event Monitoring/ Evaluation & Reporting
  • Leadership Strategy
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Closure and Wrap Up

Student Soft Skills Workshops

Module 7

  • Presentation Skills
  • Advanced Power Point Creation Techniques
  • Job Prospect Workshop – Interviews Skills
  • Job Prospect Workshops – CV Writing
Event Management Industry Pathways

Event Management Industry Pathways

Welcome to a fast-growing industry in an even faster-growing region. Welcome to an Event Management qualification in the world’s leading events city. We could fill many pages with potential industry pathways, giving you thought of what will happen next. But with events in Dubai there’s not enough space. Graduate from EMDI and you have fast-track access to an industry that can only just keep pace with itself.

Dubai is calling out for event management specialists, recruiting them from countries all over the world. A local qualification and local work experience puts you in the box seat. Neighbouring countries like Saudi Arabia are also starting to see this exponential growth. They come to Dubai to find their event management specialists. Whether it’s career change or career jump, Event Management in Dubai will change all your perspectives.

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